Bionanoscience, TU Delft


February 4th: Gregory joins the lab for his master project, welcome

January 1st: Reza joins the lab as a post-doc, welcome!

January 3oth: Kim and Sophie's review paper on minimal systems for polarity is online now, well done!

December 10th: Liedewij gives talk at the symposium for the evolution of cellular structures, as part of Jolien van Hooff's PhD defense.

November 16th: Pam succesfully defended her BEP for Nanobiology, we will miss you!

October 1&2: Succesfull Dutch Biophysics: Enzo gave a great talk and Sophie won a poster prize

September 1-5: Liedewij meets the King of Norway during the Kavli Banquet, as part of the Kavli Community meeting

June 21st: Liedewij gives a talk at the Institute for Living Systems in Exeter, UK

June 13th: Eveline's and Valerie's paper about evolution of the fungal polarity network is accepted in Genome Biology and Evolution, great work!

June 9th: Our highly collaborative paper on Dps compaction is accepted in Cell!

June 6th: Enzo gives a talk, and Liedewij and Els present a poster at Yeasterday.

June 1st: Miranda (HBO bachelor student) and Vlad (Harvard undergrad) join the lab for their internship, welcome!

April: Nadine will be our new management assistant, welcome!

April: Ilse and Bram succesfully defended their bachelor thesis, congratulations!

April 12: Liedewij is elected as member of the first board of the Netherlands Society for Evolutionary Biology (NLSEB).

April 12: Liedewij gives a talk at the first Netherlands Society for Evolutionary Biology meeting (NLSEB)

April 3-6: Liedewij leads the Lorentz workshop "evolution of biomolecular networks: rules of the game"

March 12th: Pam joins the lab as a BEP student, welcome!

February 2018: Ezra has succesfully defended his MEP research, congrats!

February 2018: Zaida has succesfully defended her BEP research, as well as Pim and Albert their minor, congrats!

January 2018: Lab trip to Lisbon combined with a visit to the evolutionary dynamics group of Claudia Bank at the Gulbenkian Institute.

January 1st: Ramon joins our lab as a technician, we are happy to have you!

December 8th: Albert and Pim join our lab for their nanobiology minor, welcome!

December 2017: Enzo, Christine and Els start as PhD students in our lab, welcome!

October 30th: Liedewij is invited by the students for a seminar of the biochemistry department at Oxford University in the UK.

October 17th: Our paper about chromosome loss in cells of different ploidy together with the group of Nenad Pavin is now on the BioRxiv!

September 11th: Nice piece in delta about our research.

September: Welcome to Sophie (PhD student from Munich); Bram, Rosanne and Ilse (Nanobiology bachelor students), Leila (is back as a technician) and Zaida and Ezra (LST students) who start in our lab this fall!

August: Liedewij receives a Starting grant from the European Research Council (ERC)!!

August: Congrats to Leila for finishing her applied physics master thesis!

September 26-27: Liedewij will give an invited talk at the 21st Evolutionary Biology Meeting in Marseilles.

September 13-14: Liedewij will give an invited talk at the Physics of living matter symposium in Cambridge, UK.

August 21-22th: Liedewij and Eveline present a poster at the European Society for Evolutionary Biology meeting (ESEP) in Groningen.

July 21st: Eveline and Leila's paper got accepted in Biophysical Reviews!

July 18th: Liedewij will give an invited talk at the Evolution, ecology, collective and emergent behaviour session at the International Union of Pure and Applied Biophysics (IUPAB) meeting in Edinburgh.

June 28th: Liedewij and Daniela Kraft from LION received a Nanofront grant to study Multivalent interactions for super-selective colloids and self-organizing protein networks.

June 23rd: Eveline's paper on evolutionary dynamics in the fungal polarisation network is available now on the BioRxiv !

June 1st: Liedewij received a VIDI personal grant from NWO-ALW . We are excited to increase our research line of evolution of biochemical networks!

May 1st: we welcome Mathia Arens who will finish her PhD in our lab under shared supervision with Anne Meyer, welcome!

April 3rd: Felix joins our lab from Gottingen for an internship; we are very happy to have you!

February 20th: Enzo is back to finish-up the work he did as a master student in the lab, welcome back!

January 20th: welcome-to-Esengul-goodbye-to-Eve-and-Marit-Lab dinner.

January 16th: welcome to Esengul Yildirim, who will become our new lab technician, we are very happy she joins the team!

January 13th: Marit succesfully defended her Bsc thesis for nanobiology, congrats!

November 25th: Liedewij will give a talk at the MPI for Dynamics and Self-organisation in Gottingen.

November 4th: Joerian succesfully defended his MEP for Life Science and Technology, congrats!

September: Leila (Applied Physics) and Marit (Nanobiology)join the lab for their Master and Bachelor project, welcome!

July 25th: Enzo succesfully defended his MEP for Applied Physics, congrats!

July 19th: Burak succesfully defended his BEP for Applied Physics, congrats!

July 18th: Mindy succesfully defended her BEP for Nanobiology, congrats!

July 15th: Jeffrey succsesfully defended his BEP for Nanobiology, congrats!

June 27th: Joerian joins the lab as a master student from life science and technology.

June 19-24: Both Liedewij and Eveline will give a talk at the Gordon conference for Cellular and Molecular Fungal Biology .

May 30th: together with the complete Bionanoscience department we moved to our new building!

May 26st: Liedewij gives a talk at the Lorentz workshop: Anisotropy and Shape in Biological Materials: From Structure to Functionality

May 12st: our Elife paper is highlighted on the HFSP website

April 18th: Burak Demirbas joins the lab for his bachelor project for Applied Physics, welcome!

March 3rd: Carlijn Bell successfully defended her Bachelor Project for LST, congrats!

March 1st: our Primer for Cell is highlighted on the HFSP website

February 4th: Dispatch about our Elife paper in Current Biology: Adaptive Evolution: don't fix what is broken.

February: Hielke Wallinga joins the lab via the Nanobiology honours program, welcome!

February: Mindy Kasting en Jeffrey de Hoogen join our Lab for their bachelor end project from Nanobiology, welcome!

January 28th: Christine succesfully defended her bachelor project, congrats!

December 17th: Our primer about modeling in experimental papers was published in Cell today!

October 19th: Carlijn Bell joins the lab as the first bachelor student from Life Science and Technology, welcome!

October 9th: Valerie Pourquie will defend her Bachelor project.

September 30th: Liedewij's paper, with co-authors John Koschwanez and Andrew Murray is accepted for publication in Elife!

September 29th: We are looking for a motivated master student to work on a combined project, partially executed in three groups, my group, a material science group and a group at biotechnology.

The aim is to study metal-microbe interactions to improve surgery implants. The part in my lab will be based on fluorescent microscopy measurements on bacteria in the vicinity of model metal implants.

September 1st: Christine van Tuyll starts as a Bachelor student in the Lab, welcome!

August 24th: Enzo Kingma starts as first Master student, welcome!

August 17th: Eveline Diepenveen joins the lab as a post-doc; welcome, we are very happy to have you join our team!

July 31st: Mathijs Verhagen will defend his Bachelor project.

July 27: Liedewij gives an invited talk at the CAS conference for synthetic biology II in Munich.

June 1st: Valérie starts as a nanobiology bachelor student on a bioinformatics project, welcome!

May 28th: The Engel lab and Laan Lab received a Nanofront grant from NWO.

March 23rd: Fridtjof visit our lab for a month from the group of Erwin Frey in Munich.

March 23rd: Mathijs starts as first Bachelor student, welcome!

March 16th: Eve starts as first Research technician in the Laan Lab, welcome!

February 3rd: Liedewij gives a seminar at Utrecht University

January 19th: Liedewij gives a lecture at the Graduate School of Quantitative Biosciences in Munich

December 1st: Werner
starts as first PhD student in the Laan Lab, welcome!

October 14th: Liedewij gives a talk at the EMBO meeting: Experimental Approaches to Evolution and Ecology using Yeast & other Model Systems, in Heidelberg.

October 1st: Official start of the Laan Lab.

September 25th: Liedewij gives a talk at CENS meeting, “walk and talk at the nanoscale“ in Venice.