Dr. ir. Liedewij Laan
MSc. Applied Physics, Twente University
PhD. Physics, Leiden University
Delft Technology Fellow, CV
self-interview in the Kavli news letter
Email: l.laan[at]
Room nr: F1.290
Tel nr: 015-2782856

Technician                                                           Administrative support

Esengul Yildirim
Email: E.Yildirim[at]
Room nr: F0.130

Amanda van der Vlist
Email: A.vandervlist[at]
Room nr: F1.020
Tel nr:+31-(0)15-27 89352


Dr. Eveline Diepeveen
Msc. Biology, Free University Amsterdam
PhD. Zoology, University of Basel
Email: e.t.diepeveen[at]
Room nr: F1.190

PhD Students

Ir. drs. Werner Daalman
MSc. Quantitative Finance, Erasmus University Rotterdam
MSc. Applied Physics, Delft University of Technology
Email: w.k.daalman[at]
Room nr: F1.190

Fayezeh Shamsi MSc.
(shared supervision with Prof. dr. Andreas Engel)
MSc. BioPhysics, IASBS, Zanjan, Iran
Email: f.shamsi[at]
Room nr: F1.190

drs. Mathia Arens
(shared supervision with dr. Anne Meyer)
MSc. Molecular and Cellular Life Sciences, Utrecht University
Email: M.M.A.Arens[at]
Room nr: E1.440

Sophie Tschirpke MSc.
MSc. Physical Chemistry,
Ludwig Maximillian University, Munich, Germany
Room nr: F1.192

Guest researcher

ir. Enzo Kingma
Msc. Applied Physics, Delft University of Technology
Email: E.Kingma[at]
Room nr: F1.192

ir. Leila Inigo de la Cruz
MSc. Applied Physics, Delft University of Technology
Email: leilaicruz[at]
Room nr: F1.192

MSc Students

Felix Meigel
Physics, University of Gottingen
Email: F.Meigel[at]

Ezra van den Bosch
Life Science and technology, Delft University of Technology
Management of Technology, Delft University of Technology
Email: ezravdb[a]
Room nr: C0.020

BSc Students

Bram Kouwenhoven
Nanobiology, TU Delft

Rosanne Wallin
Nanobiology, TU Delft

Ilse de Bruin (starting in October)
Nanobiology, TU Delft


Theoretical Physics group of Prof. dr. Erwin Frey in Munich:
Prof. dr. Erwin Frey
Jacob Halatek MSc.
Fridtjof Brauns MSc.

The Theoretical Physics group of Prof. dr. Nenad Pavin, Zagreb, Croatia.

The microbial genetics group of Prof. dr. Anna Selmecki, Creighton, Nebraska, US.

The group of Prof. dr. Andreas Engel, Bionanoscience Department, TU Delft.

dr. Thomas Abeel from the Delft Bioinformatics Lab, EWI faculty, TU Delft.

dr. ir. Pascale Daran-Lapujade from IMB , Biotechnology, TNW faculty, TU Delft.

dr. ir. Yuemei Lin from EBT , Biotechnology, TNW faculty, TU Delft.


Eve Helguero
Email: a.e.helguero[at]

Marit Smeets
Bsc. Nanobiology
Email: maritsmeets[at]

Hielke Walinga
Bsc. Nanobiology student
Email: hielkewalinga[at]

Joerian Droog
(shared supervision with dr. Peter-Leon Hagedoorn, Biotechnology and dr.Iulian Apachitei from 3ME)
Msc. Life Science and Technology

Enzo Kingma
Msc. Applied Physics
Email: E.Kingma[at]

Burak Demirbas
BSc. Applied Physics
Email: B.demirbas-1[at]

Mindy Kasting
BSc. Nanobiology
Email: m.kasting[at]

Jeffrey de Hoogen
BSc. Nanobiology/philosophy
Email: jddehoogen[at]

Carlijn Bell
BSc Life Science and Technology
Email: C.M.Bell[at]

Christine van Tuyll van Serooskerken
BSc. Nanobiology
Email: christine-vtvs[at]

Valérie Pourquié
BSc. Nanobiology
Email: valeriepourquie[at]

Mathijs Verhagen
BSc. Nanobiology
Email: mathijspieter[at]