The Laan lab is located in the Department of Bionanoscience, part of the Kavli Institute of Nanoscience at the Delft University of Technology.

We are fascinated by how interactions between nanometger scale biomolecules give rise to living matter, alias life, with all its fascinating properties.

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February 4th: Gregory joins the lab for his master project, welcome

January 1st: Reza joins the lab as a post-doc, welcome!

January 30th: Kim and Sophie's review paper on minimal systems for polarity is online now, well done!

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Specifically we are focussed on evolutionary cell biophysics, where we ask how the physical and chemical properties of biomolecular networks responsible for spatiotemporal organisation in cells both constrain and facilitate evolution, as occurs during speciation, but also during cancer formation or antibiotic resistance emergence.

We use a variety of experimental, computational and theoretical approaches ranging from physics to evolutionary biology, while using polarity establishment in budding yeast as a model system. Our goal is to obtain a multiscale description of evolutionary biology: how does the molecular/microsecond time scale (through the cellular/cell cycle time scale) constrain and faciliate the organismal/evolutionary time scale?